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Gibbs, A.E., Cochran, S.A., and Tierney, P.W., 2013, Seafloor video footage and still-frame grabs from U.S. Geological Survey cruises in Hawaiian nearshore waters: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 735, 11 p. and data. (Available at


Tierney, PW and ME Johnson. 2012. Stabilization Role of Crustose Coralline Algae During Late Pleistocene Reef Development on Isla Cerralvo, Baja California Sur (Mexico). Journal of Coastal Research: Vol 28:1: pp. 244 – 254.

Small grants:

2014   AAPG Grants in Aid (David Worthington Family Named Grant)

2013   Stephen Jay Gould Award, Paleontological Society 

2013   AMNH Lerner Gray Fund



2012-2015  NSF GRFP

2011-2013  McCormick Fellow, University of Chicago

Journal Publications
Grants and Funding 


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